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Center For Embodied Awareness

Many of us have never felt quite at home in our lives. Trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression — even the stresses of everyday life — often leave us feeling fragmented and disconnected from ourselves, from others, and from the world around us. Our center was founded with one vision in mind: to help you reconnect — to your own body, heart & mind, to others, and to the world. Our programs and classes integrate ancient contemplative teachings & practices with the latest healing modalities in a safe, supportive environment. Through meditation, movement & yoga, relational groups, and experiential workshops, we’re here to support you on your journey toward cultivating greater presence, embodiment, and freedom in your life. We hope you’ll join us and our community on your path to reclaiming your rightful sense of aliveness, connection, and wholeness, and find a supportive group of like-minded friends along the way.
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